Most Common Misconceptions About Solar Energy

The need for forms of renewable energy has become popular now since we all want to start a movement to minimize the impact of global warming that our environment experiences now because of increased pollution. We’re surrounded by a lot of renewable energies, particularly solar energy, which can possibly be used all throughout the year. Even if this is accurate, there are still others who still doubt the alleged benefits that solar energy can provide. In this article, we will be eliminating such doubts and debunk the most common misconceptions when it comes to solar energy. Check out the items below for detailed explanations from Long Island Power

Misconception #1: Solar panels don’t function during the winter season or a cloudy weather 

Fact: Solar panels can work in cold, sunny, and even cloudy areas. The solar panel’s innovation enables them to efficiently and effectively work more when the temperature is cooler compared to how it would be during warmer ones. Aside from that, cloudy weather doesn’t constrain the solar panels’ efficiency. Meaning, they could be a possible electricity source since they can still elicit sufficient power. Even winter, sunny, cold days can produce a similar electricity level to what you would obtain during summer days,  

Misconception #2: Solar energy could still power your home once the power goes out 

Fact: Indeed, if you’re residing on the grid once the power goes out, the grid system simultaneously goes out as well while it’s unsafe to run electricity to wire that electricity workers are attempting to repair. Consequently, your inverter automatically knows that the grid has been turned off and shuts the electricity generation down that’s taken from solar panels.   

Misconception #3: Solar energy is very expensive and it’s not economically practical 

Fact: When we try to see the numbers from 2009 to 2015, the solar panels’ investments have basically been rising since they are getting more budget-friendly. Their approximate expenses have reduced by nearly 30 percent. Globally speaking, it’s a lot affordable to generate electricity from solar energy compared to producing it from coal.  

Misconception #4: It is complicated to install solar panels and it needs extensive maintenance 

Fact: The installation of solar panels is comparatively direct as long as you’re utilizing a trusted manufacturer. Once your system is associated with your electrical grid, which is usual among electrical systems, then it can make solar panels a lot simpler to maintain. The solar panels would only have to be cleaned with water to eliminate any residue or obtained debris or dust that has been stuck on them. Solar panels are made in a manner that enables them to endure severe weather, such as sleet, hail, etc. Once you have a battery-based system, it would require more cleaning compared to those solar panels without batteries. However, the systems that are non-battery based are more typical and are more affordable compared to those systems that require batteries.  

If you still want to know more about the misconceptions about solar panels, never waver to keep on visiting our website and make sure to call us if you need solar panel assistance. 

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